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I've been blessed with quite a bit of media coverage of my exploits over the years. A few of the photos and articles will be posted or linked here for your reading/viewing pleasure.
Mako Shark, by Ruben Perez

A recent story was called "Mako My Day" . It was published by Outdoor Life online in February, 2007.


New York Time_Bass Heaven Article
This "oldie but a goodie" was published in The New York Times on Independance Day, 2000. It's title is Casting Into Past for Striped Bass Heaven.

Tide 1998Another "oldie", published in Tide magazine in 1998. This was a story by C.J. Chivers, entitled "Eel of Fortune", and it was a terrific story about my fishing for stripers, using eels as bait.

"When nothing but a big striped bass will do, nothing does better than a big, live eel."

"No matter whose noses turn high at the sight of an eeler, this type of live bait fishing has a rich, visceral draw."

Yep, I'm a "eeler" some of the time, and this story was right on the money in it's attitude and desciption of the technique.

Saltwater Sportsman Cover, April, 2007Saltwater Sportman cover, October '05Saltwater Sportsman I was the cover subject of the October, 2005 and April, 2007 issues.  I was also the subject of C.J. Chivers feature article “Behemoth”, along with numerous other stories and photos publishedover the years.


Projo_fishing with the governorA die hard fisherman, Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri fished with me in August of 2004. Mark Patinkin of The Providence Journal caught up with us while we fished off of Point Judith.Joe and Governor Carcieri

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